Luxury roof deck transformation

We have provided turnkey solution to transform the roof deck into custom luxury living space. We used special curved glass to blend with the building design. The result has greatly increased client’s living space and increased value of the residence.


Unique glass: we used a heated roof glass to melt unwanted snow that blocks the sunlight.

Exceptional sound proof

Through the years EWG innovations have succesfully redefined the standards of our widnows that shield living comfort from unnecessary disturbance and discomfort.

PROJECT CHALLENGE: City living can be a source of constant noise. This particular project took place in the busy city with the street of 19th century stone work. The benefits of the installation of EWG noise blocking windows were obvious right away and will be appreciated for many years to follow.


Exceptional sound proof: we designed 2‐3⁄8 inch glazing with varying spacers and various glass thickness. Different environments absorb different sound waves, that’s why in a single windows we used 1⁄8”, 5/32” glass panels, as well as 1” and 25/32” spacers.

Extraordinary thermal insulation

EWG Windows increase the value of the house as well as perform exceptionally well in all climates.

PROJECT CHALLENGE: Due to cold weather conditions homeowner sought attractive and energy efficient solution while constructing his unique residence.


Energy efficiency was a top priority. EWG fitted the house with high performance handcrafted custom 4” wooden frame windows with quad‐pane glazing that provides comfortable living space and increases the value of the home.

Extraordinary thermal insulation: We have fenestration solutions to meet the most stringent requirements. Our technology allows us to manufacture windows with a U factor as low as 0.09. The state‐of‐the‐art products will deliver draft free environment, exceptional energy savings, and comfort.

Safety above any danger

EWG offered the latest in window technology meeting security the stringent requirements

PROJECT CHALLENGE: The project began with the owner’s request who was looking for a secured home.


Critical to the success of the project was the smooth integration of securityand aesthetic appearance. With exterior featuring steel cladding and laminated, bullet proof glazing, these customized EWG 4” wooden windows aid in the energy efficiency, durability and security of the completed project.

Safety above any danger: Beautiful, safe and comfortable living space. We do everything to guarantee your peace of mind.

Design beyond imagination

EWG applies new technology to overcome the inefficiencies of memorable architectural masterpieces to preserve as many authentic details as possible.

PROJECT CHALLENGE: Unique, one-of-a-kind window designs


EWG used its state‐of‐the‐art technology developed by generations of craftsmanship to accomplish an outstanding design solution without compromising comfort, beauty, or durability.

Design beyond imagination: Design beyond imagination! Your imagination and our expertise creates the most memorable products in the industry. If you think your ideas are impossible to make, let us know and we will do everything to create it.